Vendors Code of Conduct 

This Vendor Code of Conduct (the “Code”) sets out guidelines and requirements for all merchants, vendors, and suppliers (collectively, “Vendors”) that do business with Parentoh, LLC or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively, “Parentoh” or “we”).

We expect that all Vendors and/or their employees, agents, subcontractors, affiliates, etc. comply with this code in conducting business with Parentoh, even when this code goes beyond the relevant legal requirements. Any violations of this Code by the Vendor will result in disciplinary actions by Parentoh to ensure compliance, up to and including termination of business with the Vendor

Anti-Bribery and Corruption:

Vendors must not offer or make payments to speed up or secure the performance of any government action, and must not offer any meals, entertainment, or travel to Parentoh employees/agents. Vendors should never feel obligated to give gifts of any kind to any Parentoh agent or employee, regardless of the value of the gift. Vendors may provide gifts such as the Vendor’s promotional materials that do not have any substantial value and are not given frequently, and may provide reasonable meals, travel, lodging, entertainment, etc. expenses for events such as conferences sponsored by a Vendor that are reasonably related to the Vendor’s legitimate business. Vendors may not provide cash gifts or cash equivalents such as gift cards, and may not provide meals, travel, lodging, etc. over $250 without pre-approval from our compliance team via


It is extremely important to Parentoh that all products sold through our website are of the best quality and reliability available, and we expect that our Vendors notify us of any product they have provided Parentoh that they believe or have reason to believe is counterfeit or stolen as soon as reasonably possible. We expect our Vendors to respond to our requests for information regarding the source of the products, parts, materials, etc. that they provide to us.

Confidentiality and Data Privacy:

Parentoh strives to protect the confidential information of our business partners, customers, employees, etc. We require our Vendors to comply with all relevant laws and regulations governing confidential and proprietary information and to do everything possible in their power to safeguard the confidential information that they receive from us and from our business partners, customers, employees, etc.

Data Protection and Privacy:

Parentoh respects the right of our customers to the protection of their personal data and the integrity of the processing of such data. We require our vendors to comply with all relevant privacy and information security laws and regulations, as well as our information security and privacy policies. We expect Vendors to create, retain, and dispose of business records according to all relevant laws and regulations, and to comply with our requests for personal data and/or business records.

Labor and Human Rights:

Parentoh is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants regardless of age, race, color, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. We accommodate disabilities and religious practices according to the law, and we expect our Vendors to do the same in conducting business with us.

We expect that Vendors treat their employees who conduct business with us with respect and dignity and may not subject them to any harassment or abuse of any kind. We also expect that vendors provide a safe and healthy work environment to their employees in order to prevent accidents or injuries. Parentoh expects that our Vendors provide their employees with the tools, equipment, materials, etc. necessary to conduct their work safely and without compensation to the Vendor.

Parentoh expects that our Vendors pay their employees in a timely manner and provide compensation in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Vendors may not delay or withhold wages for any reason at any time or for any reason. Vendors may not knowingly employ persons who are not authorized to work by law in conducting business with Parentoh. We expect Vendors to comply with all relevant immigration and labor laws if they employ foreign workers or migrants and must not require any foreign/migrant workers to surrender their passports or other forms of identification for employment and may only hold such documents temporarily during the immigration process.

Parentoh expects that our Vendors comply with all relevant environmental laws/regulations in conducting business with us. We expect our vendors to implement systems that minimize the environmental impact of the supply chains system, the production process, and the finished products on the environment. We expect that our Vendors cooperate to the greatest extent reasonable with regulatory authorities, and to comply with audits, reviews, investigations, etc. related to the business being conducted with Parentoh or on Parentoh’s behalf. Vendors must inform Parentoh of these inquiries before responding to the authorities unless doing so would be illegal.

We encourage anyone who knows of a potential or actual violation of this code should report it to our Compliance team at Such complaints may be made anonymously.